Bueno search bar and banner acting weird

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    Just checked this issue on Firefox, Chrome and Android tablet; all screwed.



    Hello, our blog The slow pace is also experiencing problems with searchbar, footer, header, menus,… We have tested in Firefox 19.0, IE 8 and Google Chrome. When will be that solved?



    I am glad I am not alone here. I noticed the same issue with my school blog today. Hope it gets fixed soon. Thanks for the support.



    The Bueno theme demo is working on WooThemes own site: http://demo.woothemes.com/bueno/

    I don’t know how it works, but if WooThemes had made changes wouldn’t they have done them across the board (inc. to their own)? Perhaps suggests it’s a wordpress.com issue rather than anything to do with the creator tweaking?


    Somehow they’ve put bullets on every li element causing problems on this theme


    Having just posted that I noticed this comment in another thread on another theme going wonky:

    WP is changing something, and they’ve messed things up in several themes. You can’t fix anything yourselves, you can only wait for WP to take heed and fix things.


    Hopefully WP take heed quick. If this is a WP problem then I’m not overly impressed with the lack of official information.


    Interesting… Hope they fix it soon! WP, please take action quickly! Thanks


    There’s an update from a Happiness Engineer over in this thread:

    I’ve just reported this issue to our developers. I’ll notify you once it has been resolved.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


    mattnicholas81, looks like it’s happened. Thanks for the heads up from the Happiness Engineer. My site got fixed. You guys?


    The original issue is sorted, but now the font-size/line-spacing on my blog has got all bunched up: see http://gabrielquotes.org.uk/2013/02/21/influence/

    Any ideas?


    Oh that’s true… The font is a little funny now. Maybe the same Happiness Engineer can get on that



    Same problem, i hope they fix even this font-size problem as soon as possible.



    The issue has been resolved. I’m closing this thread. Thanks.

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