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Bueno Supporting Asides Please

  1. I want to make Bueno support some nicer asides, but in order to do that currently, I'd have to change a lot of CSS. I don't suppose the theme wranglers would change the theme to support nicer asides by default?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Bueno doesn't support Post formats at all, yet. (and which should now include "Duster" as well)

    What do you mean by "nicer" asides?

  3. By nicer, I mean like 2010 or other themes, where asides are compact and take up very little space. Currently, normal post styling surrounds an aside, and while I could fix this via CSS, it would take lots of work.

    Basically, I'd ask for the date circle to be removed, and the huge padding and margins to be reduced. The title to be stripped or put as normal, bold text at the start of the post.

  4. Also, I want to make it clear: I'm not asking for full post-formatting support, just for the CSS stylesheet to make it easier to change posts based on categories so that people like me with the CSS editing upgrade can change the styles easier (without re-writing the entire content section CSS rules.

  5. Perhaps it's the late hour (here), or the beer, but it seems to me that something fundamental is missing.

    If the theme itself doesn't support Post Formats, as listed above, you have no way of marking a Post as anything other than a "Standard" Post with its associated style, CSS upgrade or no. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  6. I'm with justjennifer on this. CSS editing cannot be used to change functionailty. It can only be used to change appearnce. Unless the Bueno template is editied by Staff and changed so it does support post formats this is a no go.

  7. Actually, with post-category styles, I can make each category show up differently. It would just take a lot of CSS. This is totally possible currently, but would take a lot of work. I'm just asking for a small tweak so that it is easier.

    Bueno posts have CSS classes added to them related to the category they are in. So a post in the category aside has a class of category-asides added to it. The issue is that the styles for posts are attached to .post, so I'd have to override those and set it up for each category in my CSS....

  8. Hi, David. That's something we'd take under consideration when adding Post Format support to Bueno. It's not currently on the list — but it might be. Post Format support — at least for Asides — might make a nice addition to Bueno. For now though, Custom CSS targeting an "Aside" category would be the only option.

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