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    I want to change the font colour (Bueno Theme, CSS) in some of the displayed text: the displayed catogories and tags in the sidebar; tags at the end of the posts (even better I’d like them to be hidden). The colour now displays in green an I want it to be the same colour as the body text.

    Second I want to change the colour of the links. Can you help?

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is soulsistermeetsfriends.com.



    Hi there,

    This should change the categories and tags link on sidebar to grey, identical to the body text:

    #sidebar a:link, #sidebar a:visited {
    	color: #7a7a7a !important;

    (The CSS actually changes all the links on sidebar to that color, so if in the future you add another widget with text links in it, those will become grey as well)

    Next, this hides the tags:

    .entry-tags {
    	display: none;

    Finally, the following will change text links color on the entire site (with the exception of those that are styled separately, like the category/tag link on sidebar above):

    a:link, a:visited {
        color: #ff00ff; /* Use your own color here */


    Thanks a lot! I’m much more a writer than a CSS-pro … Tried that for half the night without any success and now it took me 5 minutes – great! It looks exactly the way I wanted it to. Now I do only need some more coffee to make the day…

    Thank you for answering that soon!



    You’re welcome!

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