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Bueno Theme: How can I take off the header image box

  1. I uploaded an image to see how the header looked like. I didnĀ“t liked it at all so I removed it, but it still shows the big header box.

    How can I delete that box and stay with my original Bueno look without the header? I don't have access to CSS and don't know how to use it... Is there anyway to do it without accesing to the CSS?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Contact staff on this. This is a bug with the theme that they need to fix.

  3. Thx!!
    Hope they help me soon :S !

    I really like this theme

  4. i have the same problem, try to use the header box till answer us,
    I have to use it, look my case

  5. How do you fix it?

  6. I had to buy the CSS Editor and change the values:

    #header-image { clear: both; padding: 12px 0 0 0; }
    #header-image img { border: 5px solid #efefef; clear: both; }


    #header-image { width:0; height:0; clear:both; padding:0; }
    #header-image img { width:0; height:0; border:0; clear:both; }

  7. No, there is a problem with both at least Bueno and Modularity Lite. See this thread

  8. Hang in there, we're looking into it.

  9. We've fixed the Modularity Lite issue and are currently investigating the problem with Bueno.

  10. The issue with Bueno is all fixed up now too.

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