Bueno theme: how to delete margins on sidebar and put an image as background

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    Hey, I’m new in wordpress and I forgot a big part of my CSS courses so I need your help. I’m using Bueno theme and I’m trying to add a column on the sidebar made of multiple images that will became buttons. The problem is that hole blanks appears within images so the “break” the column. You can check how awful does it look nowadays at http://solidarispoblesahraui.wordpress.com.
    Is there any way to delete these “margins”? I read that, in some cases, these blank holes are images and you can create your “own blank hole image” and replace the original one with yours but I think that’s not the case with Bueno.

    another hand… I would like to change the background. I’ve tried to put a photo but I can not see any change. Furthermore, I’ve tried to change the colour and no difference appeared. Is that maybe caused by a transparecy problem? That sounds too much wierd for an amateur…

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is solidarispoblesahraui.wordpress.com.


    First off, you can add a background image under appearance > background. It does not have to be done in the CSS unless you need some sort of finer control on things.

    On the sidebar images, I’m not exactly sure what you are asking. What I’m seeing in the sidebar right now looks identical to the image itself when I open it in my browser, for the most part. Are you wanting all of them to touch one another with no white gap in between?


    If that is what you are wanting, then what you have to do is target the first 4 image widgets by ID# otherwise the bottom margin change would affect all widgets. On the bottom image widget #image-7, you do not want to set the bottom margin to zero so that it will maintain a whitespace below it in case you add more widgets below it.

    #image-3, #image-4, #image-5, #image-6 {

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