Bueno theme – remove comment box completely?

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    I’m using the Bueno theme on this very simple 5 page website http://www.bournemouthbuilder.wordpress.com and I’d like to remove the comment bar below the page text. As you can see I’m using the free hosting version of WordPress so have not got access to the CSS.

    Whatever comment settings I choose for the blog or the pages I always have a box visible where comments would be. Can you suggest a simple way to remove it?

    Thanks, DotKate

    The blog I need help with is bournemouthbuilder.wordpress.com.



    I’m not seeing a comment box, just a comments closed message. Try clearing your bowser cache and restarting your browser – that should fix what you see.


    Thanks Ronsrealm.

    I’m trying to get rid of everything to do with comments – including the comments closed box as it’s taking up a lot of space and my site isn’t really suitable for people leaving comments.

    Does that make more sense?


    It can be done with the CSS upgrade, but not without it. This will get rid of it with the custom CSS. Try it by going to the css edit window, clear everything from the css edit window, paste in the stuff below and click the preview button.

    #comments {display:none; }


    And actually, go to settings > discussion and disable trackbacks and pingbacks, and make sure that comments are turned off there, and then take a look (clear cache and refresh the page).




    That’s a helpful bit of CSS to add to the stylesheet if you want to remove the comments closed box from all pages, but what if you want to remove it from just certain pages/templates. Is this possible by adding some additional code in the stylesheet?



    After various searching… this seems to work for me.

    body.page #comments {


    Do you replacing the word “page” with the actual name of each page you want the box to disappear from?


    The above code will remove the box from all Bueno pages.


    I should mention it will not remove it from post related pages (main blog page, permalink single-post pages, etc.

    The code I gave above removes it from all pages including post related pages


    I have BizzArtic theme (resumesunlimitednow.com) and I want to remove the comments. Do I just click the CSS and paste your HTML code to the bottom of the page?


    CSS is theme specific. The Bueno code won’t work with Inuit Types. Each theme takes a different solution. First off, you have to disable comments on your blog at settings > discussion. Then you have to edit any existing posts or pages and in the discussion module disallow comments. Then paste the following into the CSS to get rid of any remnants from the comment section.

    #comments {

    The above does assume that you have purchased the CSS upgrade.



    I am trying to also remove the comments are closed box from my Bueno layout. When I follow the steps mentioned here and then paste the given code into my CSS, it erases my header and page navigation bar. Anyone have any ideas what I may be doing wrong???


    You already have #comments in your CSS, so just add the


    to that selector and it will work fine. I just confirmed it on your blog using Firebug.



    Thanks! Finally figured it out!


    You’re welcome.

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