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    Hi there,

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem regarding the Bueno theme.
    I love basically everything about it, bar one major problem: text/image wrapping.

    It refuses to work, despite appearing to work on the editing page on “visual” and – without it – my blog just doesn’t look at professional. I amn’t very good with CSS but I have basic knowledge of HTML – despite all my HTML-efforts, nothing is working. It’s as though the theme blocks wrapping. I have a theory that I could perhaps erase whatever’s in the theme’s original coding that is preventing wrapping.

    Any help would be a appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is wreckyourselfbeautiful.wordpress.com.



    We must have the URL for the blog in question so we can verify whether or not it’s a wordpress.com blog and provide the correct answer. wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG run on different software and the answers differ.

    Please post the URL for the blog in question starting with http:// so we can get started.



    Oh, sorry! I thought it came up under my profile.


    Basically, I need it for uni and the lack of being able to text wrap is really irritating.

    Thanks in advance! :)



    I should probably note that none of the affected blogs are visable – I hid them because they looked ridiculous haha.



    You shouldn’t really need to edit the HTML yourself. WordPress gives you some alignment and wrapping options for text and images. For example if you select an image from your media library you can decide if you want it left or right aligned with text wrapping on the opposite side. This will automatically insert the shortcode (which specifies the margins and float CSS styles) you need to achieve that effect.

    If this isn’t working for you then you might want to republish one of your “broken” articles so we can see the problem clearly.


    One thing that can cause text wrapping issues is if you are copying and pasting from the web or from another application. Are you by chance doing that?

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