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  1. It seems about 30% of those who post hear fail to read the sticky notice at the head of the forum. Happy blogging over at wordpress.ORG.

  2. Would anyone happen to know what the text selectors are so I can change them with Typekit? I can change the paragraph, post title and the date tag, but I can't seem to find the selector for the Main(Bueno) page title, or the widget titles etc. Thanks!

  3. Check that... I just found out that the main title is .site-title... but I still can't find the widget selector. Also, is there anyway to change the size of the text without having to edit the CSS? Thanks!

  4. Silly question, but I CANNOT find where on Bueno to change the color scheme...I see many of you have, but where is that option? NOT the background color, but the colot of the date bubbles, footer, etc...

  5. Sorry, never mind. Found it. (If others are as dense as me, it's under (duh) theme options, color scheme.

  6. Hello, I have a question about title/header text. I can't seem to find where to change it (the bit where it says 'just another wordpress blog). I've looked through topics on the forum and obviously checked all the blog theme options and can't find it - GAH! Please help. Am using the Bueno. THANKS!

  7. @danagornitzki You'll find that under Settings > General ("Tagline").

  8. Hi!
    Hope you can help as I couldn't find a solution on my own.

    I'm using the bueno-Theme on 2 Blogs.
    Actually, this is my first blog:
    and I moved it to via XML (WordPress eXtended RSS).

    So I got the content on the new Blog and I also changed the theme into Bueno, so that everthing should look the same, but, comparing both blogs, I realised, that the theme on is smaller than it is on - an I like the old style better.

    Can you explain me, what I need to do to get that old smaller design? I couldn't find any helpful theme-option and I'm not using the CSS-Editor.

    By the way: Don't know if it matters, but I also realised, that my dashboard shows a smaller font than the dashboard - maybe I need to change a dashboard setting?

  9. panaghiotisadam

    Your two blogs are exactly the same. You just need to change the view size in each of your browser windows or tabs: command or control 0 / + / - / to reset / zoom in / zoom out, respectively.

  10. ok, i don't have a 2nd monitor to check that, but thats seems to be a very logical answer. does my browser actually save the view size of a website? didn't know about that...

  11. obviusly... it does ;O) interesting!

    thanks a lot for answering that quickly!

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