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Bug: 500px default in media.php

  1. You guys gonna fix this? It's making posting on a complete pain in the ass because I have to edit the HTML after every post and take out the 500px limit. It should be a configuration option in the dashboard.

    We can't do anything to fix this on

  2. I would like this too. I size all my images prior to uploading and don't want WordPress second guessing me.

  3. You'd think they would make it theme-dependent. It's not going to help somebody using Fjord, for instance.

  4. {humor} Yeah, even a thumbnail is too wide for fjords.

  5. I knew a guy using it who was posting YouTubes. Well, he was posting the left third of YouTubes.

  6. Fjords is actually just a theme with 4 sidebars.

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