Bug: Chateau background color not working

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    Hi there – I’ve been having a problem with the Chateau theme, you can see it in my demo blog.

    I go to Background in the Dashboard, and select a background color (#fbddec for my demo). This color shows up as the background just fine on the main blog, and on individual posts. But, when you go to any pages, there’s something wrong with the code – the background color doesn’t show up properly.

    For example, if you click “About” at the top of the blog to go to that page, you can see the background here remains white (#ffffff). The pink colour (#fbddec) only shows up behind the page links at the top. Very weird! And it’s like this on every page.

    Any help would be appreciated, as obviously I want my blog to have a consistent background color!

    The blog I need help with is thinkingdemo.wordpress.com.


    Sorry to bump this up again, but it’s been five days – does anyone have any suggestions? Is there someone I can contact regarding this? It seems pretty clear to me that this is a bug in the actual theme. Really not sure what to do here.




    I’m not able to reproduce this in common browser/OS setups. Can you confirm what OS, browser, and browser version you’re using when this happens? Also, if you have any browser extensions installed, can you deactivate them to rule out a conflict? Thanks!


    Ah, brilliant, you’ve solved the problem! I’ve realised it was (somehow?) caused by the Adblocker extension I’ve been using on both Firefox and Chrome, as when I disabled it everything was fine. Crisis averted! Thanks so much, it was silly of me not to check extensions earlier.



    No problem, happy to help!

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