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Bug: Deleted categories that persist

  1. I've been thinking about resurrecting an old blog for my friends to use as a group blog. The only problem is that when I wiped out the handful of old posts and categories, some of the categories were not deleted and *cannot* be deleted. They still show up some places, but not where I can delete them. For instance: On the Dash homepage it says I have 10 categories. Some of these are new ones I've just made, but 4 are old categories I deleted years ago. When I click the "10 categories" it takes me to the category page which displays the 6 new categories I've made, but NOT the 4 old ones. At the bottom it still says *10* categories. On the page to write new posts the 4 old categories are there, annoying me. I tried making new categories with the same name as the 4 old ones, then deleting them. It deletes the new ones, but the 4 old ones persist on the post page and dashboard. (They have different slugs, btw) There is other weirdness with the categories: new sub categories don't show up as sub-categories some of the time. The blog is private right now while I sort things out and get organized, but if I can't get rid of the category bugs I'll have to just abandon it again. I used to be able to send a bug report to WordPress if something went weird. How can I get this bug fixed now?
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  2. A Category page or a sub-category page has no data to display until you actually publish a post with that Category or sub-category assigned to it.

  3. I know that. That's not what I'm talking about. Thanks anyway.

  4. There is other weirdness with the categories: new sub categories don't show up as sub-categories some of the time.

    You can assign sub-categories by creating a hierarchical structure but please see what I said above. Also please state exactly which theme is on the blog in question. We Volunteers cannot "see" into private blogs and communication with those who have private blogs can be circular and non-productive because we can't see what you did.

  5. I know I can make sub-categories. I have done so with other wordpress blogs. I have made and deleted categories. The problem is that after I deleted 4 categories, they didn't go away. They are still listed on the new post page, they are still counted in the total number of categories. Is there some way I can send you screenshots?

  6. When you delete a Category all posts assigned to that Category ought to be automaically appearing under the default category. If that is not happening then please let me know and I'll flag this thread for Staff attention as they have backend access to blogs.

  7. You can take and post screenshots and upload them to your Media Library where Staff can view them.

  8. There are no posts involved. The posts were deleted. The categories were deleted. But categories are still there on the new write new post screen, and counted as categories on the dashboard. (And yes, I've cleared my cache: I deleted them years ago and my cache has been cleared hundreds of times since.) Again: when I look at Dashboard Home I see "10 categories". I only have 6. When I click that I see a list of my 6 new categories, but it says at the bottom that I have 10. When I go to write a new post in the sidebar list of categories there are 10 categories listed: the 6 new ones AND the 4 old categories I deleted some years ago. I've just described exactly what I see. Do you need screenshots?

  9. I flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  10. Thanks! :-)

  11. I'e uploaded three screenshots to my library: presumably the techies will have access even though the blog is currently private.

  12. The categories are visible now. Sorry about that!

  13. Sorry, the problem isn't fixed. :-( Actually the problem was that 4 categories I'd deleted still appeared, so the problem hasn't been fixed. The old categories are still there, just like in the screenshots I posted.

  14. Yes, you should be able to properly delete them now.

  15. YES!!!! I've deleted them now. Thanks! Have a great weekend! :-)

  16. You're welcome!

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