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Bug in Chateau theme?

  1. Hi,

    Wonder if anybody can help. I'm having a few readers complain that my blog ( ) is very hard to read as it's grey text on a black background. I have the Chateau theme and have it set on the light setting and on my computer it looks fine, Black text on a white background.

    I specifically chose the theme so that it would be simple to read. Does anyone know if this is a bug with the theme or something that I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm using Firefox 7.0.1 and when I click your username I see a white background and black text. I'm visually challenged but have no trouble at all reading your blog. There is no bug in the theme that I can detect. You can choose either the dark version or the light version. If your visitors don't like the dark version then stick with the light one.

  3. Thanks. I should have said, not everybody seems to be having the problem. Maybe it's only on certain browsers? I've no idea.

    I checked my settings and it's definitely set to the light version.

  4. Gray font on a dark background is hard to read, but as you have changed to the light version this is no longer a factor at all. If your visitors have browser issues then they need to deal with them. They need to clear their browser caches and cookies and if they are running outdated browser versions they need to upgrade their browsers.

  5. Thanks again for such a prompt response.

    The thing is that I have never had the dark theme selected. Always the light one so I don't see why that would be showing on people's screens.

  6. That's odd. I suggest you clear your browser cache and cookies and go here > Appearance > Theme Options and try to select the dark version gain as it's the one you want.

  7. I'm still having this problem. Getting complaints from some readers that the font is almost impossible to read. Can anyone shed any light on this?


  8. At work we still have IE6, as there are some applications that are not certified on later versions. Your site does look terrible on IE6 see this image.

    Very few people use IE6, so if this is the only IE version affected it doesn't really matter. Sorry, I cannot test on IE7, IE8 or IE9, if these are effected it is much more serious

  9. Eek. Yes that does look terrible.

    Thanks so much for testing it.

    So maybe it's just a browser issue? Anyone else had complaints with Chateau?

  10. It would be very useful for each theme to detail its browser comparability. In cases like this it would give us reassurance (or otherwise) that the chateau theme works properly with current versions of Internet Explorer.

  11. @bloggypires Could you ask the readers who reported the odd look to tell you which browser and OS they're using? If you think they're not computer savvy, ask them to go to and send you the info from there — it will fill in automatically with the needed information.

    We don't provide support for IE6, but Château should work great in newer versions of Internet Explorer.

  12. Thanks, Lance.

    I have asked the affected readers to check which browser they're using. Just waiting to hear back.

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