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bug in Duster/Twenty Eleven ?

  1. I have possibly discovered a bug in the theme I use, Duster (and it may be valid for Twenty Eleven as well byt I have not tested this one): I use the Showcase Template page as my Homepage and when I click the Like-button under the newest article, the LIKE goes to the Showcase Template page instear do the article under which the button is placed. I have made a screenshot and the red arrow points to the button I am talking about here.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I think the appropriate forum for this is the themes forum and I've tagged this to have a moderator move it over. The theme team monitors that forum and hopefully they will look into this shortly.

  3. Hi @helar,

    Are you still experiencing this bug? I am unable to reproduce it. Which browser are you using when you experienced the bug?

  4. Yes, still. I went to my homepage right now (it is called Uvodna and is a Showcase Template) and clicked "Like" for the last post (not from the post´s page but from the Homepage itself, where the red arrow points to). I got an e-mail:

    [Eprakone] You liked your own post: "Úvodná"
    You liked your own post on Eprakone. You're so vain. You probably think Úvodná is about you.


    And from time to time I get "Likes" for my Homepage from other people even though I have disabled "Like" for the homepage so I think this is an older problem and I just stumbled upon it recently.

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