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    Since the new “Comment using Twitter & Facebook” feature was implemented, I’ve noticed an annoying bug on my blog and those of others I visit and comment on frequently. The comment box no longer has a scroll-bar on the right-hand side. If you write a very long comment – one larger than fits in the box – at first the comment box will start to expand in size – and then it just gives up and only shows part of your comment. But without a scroll bar it’s painfully difficult to scroll through the comment and review what you’ve written before it posts.

    Additionally… after you’ve written something and posted it – or even if you don’t post it – it stays in the comment box. I can leave a page and come back and what I’ve written is still in the comment box. That may not be a problem – it could even be a feature… but for it to stay after I’ve clicked the post comment button is rather confusing.

    But it’s particularly annoying to be missing the right-hand scroll bar.

    The blog I need help with is undiscoveredauthor.wordpress.com.


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    Please report this to staff directly:
    we volunteers do not have access to the backend magic of WordPress.com—


    No problem. I just read on the page where they announced the new feature to report bugs here rather than in comments there, so that’s what I did, but I’ll filter this back to the link you’ve provided. Thanks.



    Hi folks!

    The new comment boxes seem to have a number of bugs.

    If you write a long comment, the icons for the various access options (Guest, WP, Facebook, Twitter) remain where they are until you run the mouse over them to move them when they are at the bottom of the comment box.

    Write beyond them and the comment box keeps jumping in length and back again.

    Some comment boxes work OK, but those on themes that are black come up grey on black (readable), Black on grey, or white on white which you have to hilight to check spelling.

    This is not common to all of them, just five out of ten that I write with when commenting on friend’s blogs.

    Hope you can fix this – it’s just minor glitches I know, but it makes using WP a bit of a challenge…

    God Bless!


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