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Bug in tag page of

  1. Hello,
    I have just see that on a tag page the url of my profile is the url of my subdomain on and not for my domain name.

    it's normal?


  2. Send a feedback and ask that this be cleaned up. It's just something that got overlooked, I'm sure, but it's something that requires a staff fix.

  3. you can edit your url in your profile which will fix how it appears in the tag page (and when you leave comments on blogs)

  4. It will be your subdomain by default as that is what you signed up with. Do as sunburntkamel suggests and change it if you don't want that URL, but that is supposed to be that way if I am reading this correctly.


  5. I go to my profile page but i cannon't modify my blog principal url? :-|

  6. Should be a drop down menu on the right hand side. What are you seeing?

    Just worked fine for me using IE6.

  7. i just can modify visual editor and language... :-|

  8. you want to change "Website" on the right hand side, under "Contact Info".

    there's no reason you wouldn't be able to change that. unless something's broken. in which case, contact support. but i highly doubt that's the problem.

  9. You say to me:
    click on my account >> edit profile

    that's right?

  10. -> Users -> Your Profile

    Contact Info
    E-mail: (required)
    Website: change this

    click "Update Options" to save

  11. Yes it's done so my login is link to my domain url but not in tag page.

    it's just a detail, but i have seen than other blog have their domain on link:

  12. huh.

    that's interesting.

    you could probably report that to feedback as a bug. i always assumed it updated automatically, but after checking a few of my old posts, it seems that my username still points to a address as well.

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