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Bug in the right column

  1. Suddenly, my right column (pretty sure is something related to the Widgets) got all it's content "Strong". It's just happened, I did not touch the CSS, I don't no anything about it. Could someone help me? I prefer the standard way, it's much better to reading. Thank's a lot.

  2. Did you by any chance make a post that included copied and pasted text, or HTML tags? Because very often stray tags are behind that sort of thing. If so, I'd delete the post entirely and refresh the page to see if that cures it.

  3. The poster needs to remove the banner as it's against the ToS.

    Looks like he or she resolved the boldness though.

  4. Thank's raincoaster and drmike.
    I'm still in trouble, though. I always copy and past just .txt to the blog, never get HTML dirt, so I don't know what might have caused the bug at the sidebar. Anything that gets there now is bold. Stuff from the Widgets (although there's only text, with no HTML on then) goes bold, and also the automatic stuff (categories, comments, everything). I even tried to remove the banner, as I did not no it was against ToS, but the thing is so bad that I can not remove any widget, they keep coming back to the top box, and if I add one, I can not remove it. :(

  5. I figured out how to remove the widgets, did so to all, but even the defaut sidebar is displayed with the bloody boldness... I even tried the k2 foruns and nothing... I think it's not a small bug, I'm giving up, got to live with it...Thank's again, guys.

  6. What browser, browser version and OS are you using? I can't dupe this. Looks like every other K2 blog I've seen.

    edit: Wait, I see it. Hold on. You still need to remove that banner by the way.

  7. It's this post and that long line. You have a strong tag at the beginning of it with no following closing strong tag.

  8. Bingo! Dr. Mike!
    At first I thought you were talking about a banner at the sidebar, wich I'd taken off already. I did not know that some wrong code at a post could influence the sidebar. Thank you very much for the help and sorry about the banner (a friend asked me to put it...), wich is already gone.
    I'm also glad about getting to know your blog, it's very cool! I hope you get your online to do free list soon. Unfortunately I don't know about one.
    Cheers from Brazil,

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