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Bug inserting google maps with google spreasheet input as kml .

  1. Hello,

    I'm trying to insert a google maps in my blog. I checked

    But my map is a generated dynamically from google spreadsheet as txt. It is after used as a direct kml input in googlemaps and doesn't manage to display the content of the map.

    Code from google
    <br /> <iframe width="600" height="450" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=",159.570698&spn=0.004828,0.006427&z=17&output=embed&z=2"></iframe><br /><small><a href=",159.570698&spn=0.004828,0.006427&z=17">Agrandir le plan</a></small><br />

    The code transformed by in the post
    <br /> [googlemaps,159.570698&spn=0.004828,0.006427&z=17&output=embed&z=2&w=600&h=450]<br />

    The resulting code when checking source
    <br /> <p><iframe width="600" height="450" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=",159.570698&spn=0.004828,0.006427&z=2&output=embed"></iframe><br /><small><a rel='noreferrer' href=',159.570698&spn=0.004828,0.006427&z=2&source=embed'>View Larger Map</a></small></p><br />

    The direct link to consult the working map,-95.677068&sspn=45.063105,75.9375&ie=UTF8&ll=-0.624057,159.5707&spn=90,-45.560574&output=embed&z=2

    It seemed doesn't manage well the multiple arguments in calling google maps, so it try to display an incorrect kml url reference.

    any ideas how to solve this ?

    Thanks a lot

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you modifying the code in google spreadsheet? I guess I'm not understanding why you are messing with it in a spreadsheet.

  3. Modifying which code in google spreadsheet. It generates valid kml code which can be read in google earth and by google maps. That's only a wordpress problem.

    It's a bug discussion not why I do this. But I explain:
    doing this allow simply to list location and dynamically geocode them and generate corresponding map with some legend like following links
    (which seems to mention the same bug that I have)

    A single change in spreadsheet will update the map without any code.

  4. Talk to staff. Google maps embed just fine here. I have no idea what google spreadsheet does to them that wordpress does not like, but I doubt it is a wordpress bug.

  5. Support confirm the problem with "advanced" map.
    For now, no way to have a map with points, lines, ... as allowed with kml

  6. Good to know, and thanks for posting back here with what they said.

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