Bug: no carriage return after smiley

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    There is a bug in the visual editor that I have observed now for a while. If a paragraph ends with a smiley, no line will show between paragraphs. (I have been going into the HTML editor and placing the paragraph between the <p> … </p> tags to get around it.) Can any of you reproduce? I’m using The Journalist theme, FF 3.0.1.



    I’ve tried it with a couple themes and no carriage return after a smiley for me either, so it must be a bug with the editor or the wordpress mods to the editor.



    Good to know it’s not my theme. (I just didn’t want to have to customize another.) Perhaps the mods can take a look?


    Vivian, give it another try. I just looked, and now my test blog is showing blank lines between paragraphs after a smiley.



    Somebody must have fixed it because it’s working now. Cool!


    Perhaps staff saw this thread. I was going to contact support, but got the urge to try it again, and it worked. NOW, if only I could get to your blog while logged in and not getting into some sort of URL loop. I can visit while not logged in, just now while logged in. Happening with all domain mapped blogs.



    Hmm – I’m not having that problem. Must be the server you’re behind. (We’re having a virtual party on my blog tonight. Keep trying.)

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