Bug on New Stats?

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    This is probably one for staff rather than volunteers, but I’m not sure how to notify staff….

    When I click into the stats for an individual post, with the bar graph displaying on-site and RSS traffic, you used to be able to hover over the bar to see how many views, and over the upper section of the bar for RSS views. I tried this late last week, and it didn’t seem to be working at all. I tried it today, and it seems to work sporadically. Sometimes, when I hover over a bar, the information pops up. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes, when I hover over the upper section I don’t get the popup, but if I move my mouse lower to the top part of the lower section, it will pop up. It doesn’t seem to be consistent.

    It’s a minor bug that probably isn’t going to cause anyone any real trouble, but it’s kind of ugly.

    I’m using IE9.

    The blog I need help with is mindrenewers.com.

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