bug report on the Gazette Theme – cannot use the search feature from any mobile

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    When I access my site from my mobile devices (Samsung s3 and my Huawei mobile phone) – purelyscrumptious.wordpress.com
    and when I try to use the search feature to open the search field, the touch keyboard opens briefly, then closes again. The search form disappears immediately making a search on mobile impossible.

    Kindly advise how I can rectify this issue.

    The blog I need help with is purelyscrumptious.wordpress.com.




    Your site <http://purelyscrumptious.wordpress.com/&gt; is a blog, instead of a site.
    The difference is Blog displays all blog posts from latest to oldest on the front page and website shows a static webpage as the front page of the site.

    The theme you are using for your site allows infinite scrolling, this happens as you scroll down. This loading causes your “Search” box to go further down as you scroll (as you mentioned, it disappears) on a mobile device.
    It is quite frustrating when that happens.
    You can fix this by changing the front page to static page with featured posts, etc.. Then you will see the “Search” box in a static place even on a mobile device.

    – bests,



    You can change the Infinite Scroll behaviour by unchecking the box next to “Check to load posts as you scroll. Uncheck to show clickable button to load posts” here:


    That should allow folks to reach the search box on mobile.


    Thanks Kathrynwp! This does the job at least . Apologies guys, I changed my theme from Gazette to Rebalance after posting this question, because Gazette still has that bug where the search feature doesnt work at all from andriods!



    No worries – glad you found a workaround. We have logged the Android bug and will keep you posted when there’s a fix.



    Hi there – just wanted to let you know that the issue with the search box on Android should now be fixed.

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