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Bug Report: Reddit Smart Button displays incorrectly

  1. I was setting up the share button on my blog, and I noticed that the Reddit Smart Button didn't show correctly. The down arrow went off the sharing box when it is placed at the very bottom on the left, with every button set as smart above it, and another to the left of it. I'm going to remove it to keep my sharing buttons looking good, but this is a bad bug!
    Blog url:

  2. I'm actually not able to reproduce the problem.

    Which browser (and version of) were you using when you ran into the issue?

  3. Google Chrome 13.0.782.1 (Official Build 87465) dev-m. I know it is the developer build.
    I'm going to see if I can reproduce, and get a screenshot.

  4. Chrom 11 is the currently stable version, so Chrome 13 is rather far down the line. A screenshot would help, but I'm not noticing any problems in Chrome 11, Firefox 4, and Safari 5, so it sounds like you've uncovered a bug in Chrome 13.

  5. OK, the screenshot is up at
    The Digg smart button has started acting weird too. It won't appear at all.

  6. Oh, you had them tucked under the share button!

    Ok, now I'm able to reproduce with Chrome 11 and Safari 5, but not Firefox 4.

    I'll pass this along and see if we can do anything about it. Thanks!

  7. Thank you for your help!

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