Bug Report: Twenty Thirteen and Gallery default thumbnail column spacing

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    Update: Curiously, the three-column spacing problem appears only on the front page (aligned to the left). Viewed as a single post, the columns align in the center.



    Hi justjennifer,

    Can you tell us what it is that make the linked galleries buggy to you?

    As far as I can tell they are all displayed in the way it is intended by the theme. Twenty Thirteen doesn’t divide the available content width by the number of columns like many other themes, but rather adds a margin of 4px to the actual width of the image.




    Can you tell us what it is that make the linked galleries buggy to you?

    The default thumbnail Gallery columns in 2013 are left-justified and not centered like in every other free theme on WordPress.com that I’ve tested.

    Also, positioning is inconsistent. The three-column Gallery only appears left-justified on the front page. It’s centered in the single post view. This leads me to believe this is a bug and not the design.

    I’ve only viewed in Chrome 26 and FF 20

    Since I’d like to continue demoing the other new free themes that WordPress.com has released in the past week, I’ll upload screenshots of 2013 to my Media Library for staff to look at.



    The default Gallery thumbnails are still left-justified and not centered, so this is not resolved even though I’ve been sent a “customer satisfaction survey” which seems to indicate that WordPress.com believes it is.

    Still waiting for this to be fixed.



    Hi @justjennifer — can you test this again? We pushed out some CSS fixes to Twenty Thirteen today.



    Hi, Lance, we’re not quite there yet.

    The 3-column Gallery is now centered in both the front page and single post view, but the 2- and 1-column Galleries are still showing as left-justified in both views (at least in FF21). You can see them by clicking on the links in my first post in this thread.

    And thanks for looking.



    Justjennifer, can you check the the posts in question are “gallery” post formats? (Not just standard posts.)

    I think we might be looking at different scenarios; we are focusing on the gallery post format display—not galleries in other kinds of posts.

    I created some tests: http://lancetestthirteen.wordpress.com/

    If you are using “standard” and not “gallery” post formats, that could be a bug we’ll need to address.



    Those 3 posts are indeed using the Standard post format, all having a default thumbnail type Gallery in the post.

    There’s never been an issue with posts using the Gallery post format (of which there is one on my Gallery demo site).

    Regardless, it’s interesting to note that the default 3-column gallery using the Standard post format is now centered, whereas before it was left-justified.

    And changing either of the two other posts (2-column and 1 column) from Standard to the Gallery post format doesn’t do a thing to change their alignment in the single post view.

    So, hopefully, we’re now talking apples to apples. :)



    Yes, we’re on the same page. :)

    As things work currently, it’s all working as intended.

    1. Single views should be similar for either standard or gallery post format. Centered, columns should respected (from the shortcode).
    2. Index views should be special (different) only for gallery post formats. The first image should be larger, 300 px by 300 px—and the rest should be small thumbnails. Left-aligned no matter how many images.



    If so, then 2-column and 1-column default thumbnail galleries are still not feeling the love, either in front page or single post view. I’ve logged out and cleared my browser cache and cookies, but they are still stubbornly left-justified, not centered. (IE10, FF21, Chrome27) Wish it were otherwise.

    Since I want to continue rotating other themes, I’ve uploaded a number of Twenty-Thirteen screenshots to that site’s Media Library showing both front page and single posts.

    Thanks again.



    If so, then 2-column and 1-column default thumbnail galleries are still not feeling the love, either in front page or single post view

    I can’t repeat it. :(

    Did you get a chance to look at my test site? http://lancetestthirteen.wordpress.com/ — the standard posts there, with 1 and 2 images per gallery, *should* be centered.



    Lance, I haven’t yet, but since my eyes are crossing I will be happy to do so tomorrow. And I will try some new posts on my test site (not Gallery Demo).

    I do appreciate the time and attention to this.



    Lance, I looked at your test site, but there’s really not enough content in the galleries there to make a judgment. Here’s what I know so far after testing this morning:

    With the exception of the two “Media Update” posts, all other posts on “Gallery-A Demo Blog” were created before the November 2012 update to media handling.

    With the exception of “In the Beginning” and “Gallery as a Custom Excerpt,” which are using the Gallery post format, all other posts on Gallery-A Demo Blog are using the Standard post format.

    The galleries in question are all using the default thumbnail grid type Gallery and this phenomenon appears irrespective of post format. For Gallery post format, of course, it is only apparent in the single post view, not on the front page (Index) view.

    When Twenty-Thirteen was released here, all the existing default thumbnail grid type of Gallery on Gallery-A Demo Blog were left-justified in the content container. With the recent “update” the 3-column (default) thumbnail grid type galleries became centered in the content container, but are still left-justified; the existing 2-column and 1-column thumbnail grid galleries remained left-justified in the content container. You can see this in the screenshots I uploaded to the Media Library there.

    When creating new posts with 2-column and 1-column galleries using the default thumbnail grid type, all are now centered in the content container, but are again left-justified, like the default 3-column gallery. You can see my draft test post here. (Private blog-link open to Staff and I will leave it for now with the Twenty Thirteen theme. I will also upload my screenshots to the Media Library there as well so you don’t have to switch between two sites.)

    This phenomenon is limited to only Twenty-Thirteen and old posts and since there aren’t any other forum threads on this “problem” I guess we’ll leave it as esoterica. I’ll be happy to continue by email if you think it beneficial.

    Again, thanks for the time and effort you’ve taken on this so far.



    Hi all,

    I’d like to join this conversation.

    I’m having featured image alignment issues. I have a two column view of the twenty thirteen theme. When I view my website in portrait view on my tablet,the featured image is centered as the website only shows one column.

    When I view my website on a laptop, PC or have my tablet oriented landscape, I see two columns (one column is text and the other is my sidebar containing widgets), the theme tries to center the featured image across both columns and overlaps the widgets.

    See my website examples at:

    Overlapping featured image:


    Centered feature image:


    The only difference between the two images is the size of the image. The sky image was cropped about 1 year ago using the old twenty ten theme media cropping engine. The other is a full size image selected as a featured image in the page creation.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Henry Gomez



    Hello hg0mez, could you start a new thread please? That’s a different topic altogether.

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