Bug report- writing new post is nightmare esp with pictures

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    I’ve taken a load of screenshots and saved them in a pdf but I can’t find a way to send it to you. These are all bugs, not requests for functionality improvements.

    Here is the list without the screenshots.

    1. After saving draft, picture formatting lost. When I went into image details NONE of the alignment radio buttons are now selected.

    2. Sometimes the caption is deleted too when I save draft or move pictures around – on some of the images. Intermittent problem. For example, I had 6 images in this post and when I hit save draft this evening, I lost the captions off two images.

    3. Drag & drop images around post doesn’t really work. Especially as it does stuff like remove the alignment information on a whim (see point 1).

    With more than a couple of images, it doesn’t work properly at all. For example, I just chose “left” alignment on the radio buttons for one pic and got a mash-up when I hit update.

    4. Sometimes when I try to edit text near pictures, things go weird e.g. I hit backspace to pull two paragraphs back into one but it put the text up into the caption above instead.

    5. I added hyperlinks to the pictures to take them through to a website where I’m selling stuff, but when I saved draft they all were changed back to links to the picture on wordpress with the title containing the hyperlink address I’d put in previously. Couldn’t be bothered to fix most of these this time as I was starting to lose the will.

    6. I managed to edit text around and re-aligned an image to the right, but its border was still a mess (much bigger than the image along the top edge) and I couldn’t see how to fix it. Delete and reload to fix.

    These are examples from trying to make ONE post this evening. Is it the template I am using? Do you have a more stable one you can recommend in the meantime? At the moment it is a nightmare to write a post since it takes me so long to deal with the mess that is made of images/text together. Some of my posts look terrible (in my opinion) with things badly aligned but its the best I can do after a lot of head-banging on the keyboard to deal with the bugs. It’s putting me off writing because it’s so difficult.

    The blog I need help with is inspirationknits.wordpress.com.



    Hi. Upload the screenshots to your account, and leave the links here.

    It’s not the theme / template, I had the same problems when I was using the Visual Editor, once I started using the HTML Editor things got better. I found the Visual Editor to be very touchy and unstable when multiple images were being added to a post.

    I’m mostly responding to bump your request so hopefully you can get a more complete answer, but:

    1. are you using the Visual Editor when creating your posts?

    2. this is the HTML I use when I want to insert an image into text:

    `<img class=”reflect” src=”http://your image URL here” alt=”that’s right…” width=”220″ height=”446″ align=”right” />’

    If you’re using a photo “as is” I don’t think you need the dimension measurements…



    You don’t need the dimensions if you want the photo displayed full size, but putting them in is good practice as it helps the browser to render the page – it can allocate the right amount of room for the image before it downloads it.



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