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bug with tag sourcecode in comments

  1. Hi,

    if I write text

    [ sourcecode light=true]

    and after that edit the comment, the text is converted in

    [ sourcecode light=""true""]

    if I post it and edit again, it converted in

    [sourcecode language=""""]

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  3. > if I write text
    read as
    if I write text in a comment and post it,

  4. Hell other,
    I don't post source code. Does this help you?

  5. The sourcecode shortcode does not work in comments. It only works in posts or pages.

    That said, this would be a nice feature to add for those that are writing about and working with code. The only issue would be how to let visitors know about it and how to use it, but there are always solutions.

  6. thesacredpath,
    it is not true.

    Sourcecode works fine in comments. EDIT of comments with sourcecode does not work properly.

  7. timethief,
    sorry did not catch you.

    > I don't post source code.
    What do you mean?

    > Does this help you?
    You provided description of the tag sourcecode, I know this.
    The problem in EDITING of comments with the tag.

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