Bugs in the new theme.

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    I’ve just found out about your new Ocean Mist theme. So I tried it and I love it! But I have a complaint about it. I think there are some bugs in the theme that needs to be fixed on so I can be able to use it and really enjoy this new theme. The text in the text widget section is kind of jumbled up and the links I have in the links section is missing. Otherwise, it is a great blog and I will be happy to use it.



    I just changed my private blog over to the theme to test. Links are missing. The widget is there and the links show up fine on another theme. So it’s something within the Ocean Mist theme.

    But what do you mean by the text being jumbled. I added a text widget and it looked ok. But it’s also just a couple of sentences without any html added.

    A screen cap would help.


    My links are missing too.


    Here, I’ll try to explain the best I can. I have many chicklets on the first text widget I have. It also contains html text links as well. Only the html text links are jumbled up while the chicklets are arranged fine. Does that clarify what I’m talking about here?



    I see exactly what you mean. I tried the theme also and experienced all three of the problems that are referred to. As there is no staff support on weekends, except for urgent matters, we will have to wait until Monday to send in feedbacks. In between I’m simply using my former theme.

    (1) links not displaying
    (2) recent posts displaying outside the blog layout on the background (right hand side)
    (3) lettering replacing image buttons


    That’s not all. When I first used the theme, I discovered that the Recent Post Widget is outside the template, not within.

    Here, To help you out of what I mean, I’ll show you what I’m talking about through these images.

    Bugs in the new theme 1

    Bugs in the new theme 2



    I created a page called ‘Links’ and the links show on the sidebar. However, ‘0’ is oddly appended to the end of each link. http://dejitarob.wordpress.com



    I don’t see the ‘0’ using a firefox browser.



    It was definitely there for me in Firefox I reverted back to the ‘Day Dream’ theme anyways, since I like the colors better.


    My Links disappeared too (!!) when I changed to this theme. I love the look of it, but I cannot get my Links to appear, even by individually re-adding them, refreshing the page, changing the category to Blogroll and Links (tried both), adding a Links page, and everything else I can think of. The Links just will not appear and the Categories to them in the bottom bar lead to ‘page cannot be found’ nowhereland. I sure hope this will be fixed real soon!


    The nice light background differentation for the sidebar disappeared too when I added some new text to existing widgets. The sidebar ending up coming out with any background differentation for the sidebar, as the theme is supposed to have. I gave up. I’m using a different theme and hope that Ocean Mist is debugged soon, as I would love to use it.



    I’m assuming that you will be sending in a feedback on Monday listing these problems. :) By then many bloggers will have “beta tested” this for staff and the required adjustments can be made.

    Aside from the “bugs” and speaking for myself only, I find the theme to be too narrow.



    Also (and I don’t know if this is easily resolvable and I’m missing something) text flows around images instead of cleanly breaking as in the other themes I’ve tried. For example:

    Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb
    Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb

    Now it’s

    Rhubard rhubarb rhubarb
    Image Rhubarb rhubard

    It’s annoying. Any way to resolve this? Maybe I’ve missed an option somewhere?


    I meant to write “The sidebar ended up without any background differentation, as the theme is supposed to have.” I also experienced “recent posts displaying outside the blog layout on the background (right hand side)”

    I will send in all the bugs I found on Monday. Everyone else please do the same.




    It’s annoying. Any way to resolve this? Maybe I’ve missed an option somewhere?

    I assume you have read this thread. I’m also assuming that you know staff are the only ones with backend access to blogs and, that the only staff support available on weekends is for urgent matters. So I hope you will be exercising your option by sending in a feedback on Monday. :)


    Hey, I tried it again and it seems to be fixed! Yea!! Hope it stays that way. Thank Goodness to the person, or powers that be, that debugged this theme on a weekend no less! :)



    Yeah. If they debugged it before putting it live on the site it would be even better.



    *lol* :D



    While this topic is hot, I have a question about customizing Ocean Mist to handle images the way MistyLook theme does so. As the author has created Ocean Mist for photograhers, adding a border and drop shadow identical to MistyLook enhances the theme’s attractiveness. For that reason alone, I use MistyLook on one blog http://shimworld.wordpress.com/ and Ocean Mist in another http://janshimphotography.wordpress.com/



    Actually this isn’t a css customization thread.

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