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Bugs in the new theme.

  1. Thank you WordPress for adding the <Previous Entries and Next Entries> links as I requested above. I just noticed them today. No wonder I continue to be a happy WordPress customer.

  2. I am not an experienced word press person. Currently have 1.0 Ocean Mist. My questions are: 1) How do you add more sections on the right side bar? Right now I have browse, pages, recent comments, top ten posts, and subscribe. I have seen others using this theme with other sections. How do you ad these? (BTW I had my site initially set-up for me by someone else).

    In the new version of the theme can you not have the pages as tabs along the top?


  3. Take a look at Dashboard -> Presentation -> Widgets for building blocks you can use within your sidebars.

    The pages along the top are hardcoded into the theme.

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