Bugs in the new theme.

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    timethief : yep, but as I’ve not been using WP long I didn’t know if this was one of those situations where there’s a really obvious solution … so obvious that it’s not in the docs (I looked) because everyone should know it, it’s so obvious …

    or whether it really was a bug :)

    And come Monday I will be, yep.



    I’m using OceanMist – Really like the inviting color scheme and the legible fonts

    I’ll be happier still, though, when we can get “Recent Posts” back inside the fence.
    This theme looks like it could serve me well. Time will tell.



    Has anyone else noticed that when using Ocean Mist clicking a category or an archive will only give you whatever number of posts you have set in Blog Pages –> Show at most: XX posts?

    I find this a bit weird. If you select a category you expect to see everything in it or at least have the ability to go back through it page by page. Same goes for an archive. I’d be happy with 10 posts per page as long as I had the ability to use Older posts ==> or <== Newer posts just like I do on the main pages. At the moment I’m not seeing this capability.


    I’m just happy it’s free, it’s working now, and didn’t take long to fix (debugged the same day we started posting about it), as this theme is definitely my all-time favorite. I hope Ed Merritt graces us with more of his themes here at wordpress.com Thank you Ed! I don’t see any problems now with the Recent Posts widget. It’s inside the sidebar as it should be.



    @envirofuel; I agree with you, as it happens, but WP doesn’t make it particularly easy for designers to change the number of posts on a template-by-template basis. Prev/next tags are a bit of a mess too, which is why so many themes omit them.

    People tend to blame designers for things like this, which is fair enough because there are usually ways around them if you look hard enough, but if the template functions were better designed then people would design better with them.



    I’m glad someone in the backend has been fixing the bugs but I won’t be sending in a feedback as I have tried out the theme and rejected it.



    My intention wasn’t to blame anyone. I’m one of those pesky Linux users so I understand it takes time to fix things when you have limited resources. I particularly like the way WordPress slowly add features and templates. I’d be even happier if they fixed the prev/next tags in Ocean Mist because it is an excellent template.


    I’ve just switched back to the new theme and lo and behold it’s all debugged! I can see the links. The words are not jumbled up. The widgets are exactly in place and it looks like everything is all in an orderly fashion! Looks like Ocean Spray is good to go! Thanks for everything guys! :)



    For the problem with the Links widget, try changing the following code in your ocean mist themes directory file functions.php –>


    <?php wp_get_links(1); ?>


    <?php wp_list_bookmarks(‘categorize=0&title_li=’); ?>



    No, that won’t work here at WordPress.com. We don’t have the kind of access necessary to input that.



    Thank you WordPress for adding the <Previous Entries and Next Entries> links as I requested above. I just noticed them today. No wonder I continue to be a happy WordPress customer.



    I am not an experienced word press person. Currently have 1.0 Ocean Mist. My questions are: 1) How do you add more sections on the right side bar? Right now I have browse, pages, recent comments, top ten posts, and subscribe. I have seen others using this theme with other sections. How do you ad these? (BTW I had my site initially set-up for me by someone else).

    In the new version of the theme can you not have the pages as tabs along the top?




    Take a look at Dashboard -> Presentation -> Widgets for building blocks you can use within your sidebars.

    The pages along the top are hardcoded into the theme.

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