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BUGS when adding photos to a page

  1. When I try to move a pictures on a page, it just adjusts the size of the photo.
    And it won´t be placed where I want it be - there is no way to add several thumbnail photos
    next to each other - only one. But I could do it a couple of weeks ago!
    Blog url:

  2. If you could do that before and can't do it now then that's odd.

    Will you please post a link to an example of where this has happened to you?

    Will you also tell us which browser and version of it your are using?


    When I´m trying to add another photo next to the first one,
    It places itself under it. And when I try to move the photo, it just adjusts the size of it. That happens on every page. I have safari 5.1.7

  4. This could be an alignment issue. See here >

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