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bugy bugy wp deleted my about page

  1. I was editing a bunch of pages and after I finished I noticed on my site that the page list was gone. Thinking maybe it was because my about page was too long (since this is shown just over top of the page list) I went to edit the about page. I took out half of it and the pressed save and THEN the about page was GONE.

    Is it php or is this system reaaaaly buggy? Someone needs to check the db code and be sure transaction history is well implemented in order to properly handle bugs where one of your front end servers has a connection loss to the backend half way through submission. pretty pretty please. This isn't the first time I've seen content get lost entirely after a edit

  2. lol... how the f did it get turned from a page into a post????? Look at my site, notice the first entry is a post called "About". This was supposed to be a PAGE!

    These bugs are what I would expect from someone programming with databases for the first time, not freaking WP!

  3. Okay, I'll leave the current about post entry for someone to trace the problem but I am going to create a new about page. No reason I should leave my live blog looking like junk for bugs as basic as this!

    And please, if possible fix the page list problem as well. The pages are not showing up listed as they are supposed to be for this theme. (and as they were up until a few hours ago)

  4. okay i fixed the pages in the presentation options. that it changed on it's own is still a bug that should be fixed.

  5. I lost 3 of my pages an hour ago. Can they be recovered?

  6. I'm finding the same thing today - it didn't happen yesterday (gmt+10 hours) If I update a page it gets changed to a post!

    I've just been copy and pasting the post stuff into a new page so that the blog looks OK, and then deleting the post. But I'm really looking forward to seeing this fixed.

  7. Is this only happening with pages or is it with posts too?

  8. Haven't posted so don't know. But it seems to be a page-to-post thing. I lost several "children" pages that didn't even become posts. So I am worried.

  9. Yeah some of the new pages are confusing themselves with posts. To fix this, simply edit your pages in the manage tab.

  10. Right, I had the same problem yesterday night and now, I just re-created the pages and now they don't show up in the manage pages tab on the dashboard and one page is doubled.

  11. Dear Helpdesk,

    Does that mean I have lost my data? I had to 2 pages under the about parent. Are they gone forever and ever?

  12. support: i've changed the page->turned->post called "About" from published to a a draft, should you want to look into the problem.


    helpdesk: the manage section for pages no longer lists the original about page. it was MOVED completely to the posts management section

  13. I just managed to get my pages back. They weren't listed on the "manage pages" page, but there is this search box on that page and by entering the name of the page there it returned it to me. They're still not showing up in the list, but at least they can be accessed from my blog.

  14. I found the problem.

    Don't use the "edit this page" link!

    The problem is there. It links to the "post" section instead of the "page" section.

  15. signature:
    that is interesting.

    1. it should not be possible to edit a page using the post edit window
    2. editing a page in the post edit windows should not change it to a post

    but thanks for figuring this out. will know to look out for this now.

  16. cyphunk, you're welcome.

    for others who have no idea what i am talking about, the dashboard thinks the page is a post.

    After clicking "edit this page" when on a page (not a post) look at the top left of the dashboard. It clearly says "manage > post" instead of "manage > page".

  17. Hmm, that is strange. I'd just cut and paste it myself back over. Seems to work fine now though. Might be an issue with your theme though if it's still doing it.

  18. i guess this fits in here...
    i deleted my about page so thinking that instead of showing up as an actual page, it would just show up as information on the bottom ( that way you wouldn't have to see it twice because it would show up once at the bottom, and again when you clicked on it under pages )
    but obviously, it got rid of the entire i made another one under pages, but it no longer registers as the defualt about me so it doesnt show up at the bottom any more..where i want it, how do i get it back?

    * hopefully this makes sense

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