Built in Email Address Protection??

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    I’m 2 days new.

    QUESTION: Does a WordPress.com hosted website offer built-in protection from bots for email-address. Say I list my email somewhere on the blog (like a contact page), is my email address automatically hidden from bots or do I have to do something extra?


    The blog I need help with is maesproduce.wordpress.com.



    The answer to your original question is NO – WordPress.COM does not have any secret “email protection” as you describe

    BUT – if you use a Contact Form then your email address is hidden completely from the bots.



    Another benefit to using the contact form, which you can actually even put into the sidebar in a text widget, is that it goes through the Akismet spam filtering service which means you are highly unlikely to get any spam via your contact form.



    Don’t post your email address. There isn’t really any reason to do so unless you have clients who don’t know how to use a contact form and don’t already have your email. And even then, munge it so it’s not completely visible to bots.




    Another advantage is you can ask for specific information if appropriate. I just added one to my site for people to request a Vessel Safety Check and they are ask a series of questions that give us some information needed the first time and cut down on the back and forth questions, where the vessel is located, length, fuel type, is the vessel on a trailer or in the water etc. should save us some hassle by getting the required information up front.

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