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  1. I have used Proboards and EZBoard but I was wondering if there is a relatively simple (and FREE) way to have a message board/forum appear on one of my WordPress pages?

  2. I belive that patriotsfan has a message board and a chat forum in his sidebar perhaps you could contact him for specifics and get one too. As I recall it this discussion has taken place before and there were not any "free" alternatives.

  3. supports the chat in the sidebar. Look in your wideget
    he start a furom by and don't host it by himself, maybe you can do the same :D

  4. Moved to Support by the way. Does not concern CSS.

    All you can currently do is link to a forum hosted elsewhere. does not have an option to do forums hosted within the same space as your blog.

  5. There's a new one I heard about. It's called Gabbly. I'm at a forum and people place url links and when we click it, a chatter box opens up and we can talk in real time. I checked out if the embedded version is allowed at WordPress. They said to paste the code in a new page and save it. I did but nothing happened. It was just empty:

    But it's real cool but the embedded chatter box would have to be made smaller to fit in the sidebar. And with Meebo, isn't that only sending the blogger a private message?

  6. Whatever you do, don't go to ezboard. All their boards are shutting down soon, as I understand it.

  7. Why?? Are they emailing everyone? What are people to do who have large boards there?

  8. I don't know if they're emailing everyone. I heard it from some friends on Viggo Fanbase, which has been there for a few years. They're having to move the whole thing. It's my understanding that ezboard got bought out and people are having to migrate their boards to the buyer's site or somewhere else entirely. For three million plus users that's not going to be much fun.

    More info here.

  9. That totally sucks. Most might not even know and there are large communities out there on forums. And how if they don't know how to move all their content to this other place?

  10. Hello guys,

    I tried to paste the Gabbly chat windows in my blog website, using text widgets. However once I save the text, it dissapears.

    Does anybody can help me solve this please?

    This is the code I pasted (autogenerated at the Gabbly site):

    <iframe src='' scrolling='no' style='width:200px; height:250px' frameborder='0'></iframe

    Thank you in advance.


  11. It's an iframe. Most iframes are removed from user input due to security concerns.

  12. Thanks drmike for your prompt response.

    Is there any way I can solve the problem? Actually I want to add a chat board to my blog.

  13. So if iframes are generally removed due to security reasons, why does WordPress mention it here:

  14. Because that's the .org version for self-hosted blogs (where the user can do whatever they want). We're at where we're running different software, shared themes and much tighty security for the community.


  15. Thank you very much Cornell.

    Is there any option for what I want? (I mean the chat board)?

  16. So if I understood well, is a bit inflexible in that respect?

    What alternatives I have for chat boards then?

  17. Officially there's a list of what sites are allowed but we as end users do not have access to it.

  18. Would the Meebo widget work for you? As I understand it, that's the only chat plugin that's enabled on our blogs.

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