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    WordPress.com’s addition of share buttons last year was a great step forward for the community. It has been a great way to share posts quickly and widely.

    Over the last couple of days, however, I have noticed that the tweet counter feature seems to have stopped working. For example, if you look at my last post – http://wp.me/pwfa1-1vn – you will see that the number of tweets is 0. I know that this is wrong because I have tweeted it myself using the button two or three times over the last few days. When I do, the counter turns to 1. However, if I refresh the page or log out and later come back, the counter is reset to 0.

    It has not affected the tweets going out – they are there on my Twitter account – and it is not a big deal; rather more of a mild annoyance. I’d like to avoid having to go back to the Tweetmeme button if I can avoid it.

    Has anyone else experienced the same issue?

    Thanks much.


    The blog I need help with is mannerofspeaking.org.



    No I haven’t experienced this. Have you reported this to Staff yet?



    It seems to be working properly, but I bet there’s a glitch on Twitter’s end.

    If you click the number, it’ll take you to a Twitter search for tweets that mention your post.

    In this case, the Twitter button shows one tweet, and the results it takes you to shows only one tweet.

    I’ve noticed the same problem on my non-WordPress sites, so I’m hoping they iron it out soon.



    I find that it counts my tweet once just after I’ve done it, but after that the count reverts to zero. Thereafter, all other people’s tweets are counted properly.


    Thanks, all. It seems to be working now. Funny, it was just that one post. I tested it out on others and it registered. I suspect that you might be right, macmanx, that the problem is/was on Twitter’s end. I’ll keep an eye out for it occurring again and will notify Support if necessarz. (Thanks for the link, timethief.)

    Regards and thanks to all,




    You’re welcome!

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