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    On the link management front, I would be very happy to see the addition of bulk move from Category A to Category B.

    Also, setting a default link category (other than “blogroll” could be useful as well.

    Thanks for listening.

    The blog I need help with is justjennifer.wordpress.com.




    Er, did you have a point to make or ?


    If you want to set a default link category, just make a second one and check the box. It’s not a huge time save like a bulk action would be… But it works.



    “Blogroll” is the default Link category, much like “Uncategorized” is the default Post category, unless you change the default to something else. If you know of a way to set another link category as default, please feel free to elaborate. I’d certainly be grateful to find out it can be done.

    The reason I’m suggesting bulk actions for the links categories is because I already have more than one category and don’t wish to change 30+ links one-by-one. :)


    Default link category selected under Settings > Writing.

    Bulk moving from link category A to link category B currently possible if you set B as the default then delete A.



    Woot! Thank you Panos!

    Now why couldn’t I find that in any of my searches in the Support docs for Links Categories? :)


    You’re welcome!

    I’ve learned most of these details by exploring the dashboard, not the Support docs.

    You’re right, it’s not mentioned in the doc on link categories; but if you type “default link category” in the search box, it does bring up the doc on Writing Settings.



    I really need to poke around a bit more.

    Will send some feedback to Staff about getting info on where to set a default link category on the category management Support Doc page.

    Thanks again!

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