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    I’ve seen this posted about elsewhere but haven’t yet found one marked resolved. If there’s just no way to efficiently clean up Feedback spam then please consider this a feature request.

    I had a feedback form on a blog, and thought it was attracting little attention from anyone – legit or not. However, over the last week or two I began receiving e-mail notifications of submissions to the form – maybe about six or seven – and they were clearly spam. I logged in today to just remove the form and saw that those few submissions I’d been notified of were the tip of the iceberg – Akismet had caught around 85,000 in the spam filter. God bless Akismet, but – holy cow!

    While I’m grateful that I did not receive an e-mail notification for all of those spam submissions, there doesn’t seem to be any way to bulk delete them as I can when I empty the trash. Since the spam feedbacks date from July I’m assuming that they don’t just automatically get deleted after a while. I’d like to remove them but I am not going to waste the time or incur the repetitive stress injuries that would surely result if I were to go through each page of spam.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    The blog I need help with is douglaslibertarians.wordpress.com.


    I was one of those people. Besides a question in the support forum, I posted a thread in ideas. No, they do not automatically get deleted. Spam comments do after 15 days, but when I wrote to Akismet directly, the did confirm Feedback spam does not.

    After my last wave of feedback spam, I just removed all the feedback forms and replaced them with the standard comments to make for easier deletion of spam. If you have comment moderation set for all comments, only you will see the comments and can choose which ones to display publicly. Maybe this can work in your case?



    Same situation here at champlainpark.wordpress.com, with 48000 spam feedback entries and a few dozen false negatives that recently got through and made me investigate.

    I can delete spam form feedback in semi-bulk by changing the dashboard to show 350 items per page, moving whole pages to trash, and emptying trash.

    However, it’s really slow and may be marking the spam feedback items as not-spam (anyone know if that’s the case?).

    So, an “Empty Spam” button for form feedback would be welcome.


    One more spam Feedback submissions

    Take your help.

    The blog I need help with is http://hotelmotelsupplies.wordpress.com.




    Just look @ my last comment

    Well you can assist me….HELP HELP!



    Looks like no shortcut to glory here – just looked at my Feedbacks and found some spam – not as much as you have –

    The only part “shortcut” I can see is that you can display more than the default 20 messages per page by changing the screen options, also by clicking on the “From” box at the top it will select all the messages displayed on that page, then the bulk move to trash, a few less clicks, but still a pile of clicks for 85,000 spam



    As a followup, once you’ve got your spam moved to trash, the Empty Trash functionality is horribly slow (only a few per second) and stops after running a while with an error (likely because it is taking too long on the server).

    A faster way than “Empty Trash” is to “delete permanently” pages of 350 items in the trash. Select all on the page, delete them permanently, don’t wait for it to finish, hit next page and repeat for the next 350 items. You can get several deletes going in parallel if you do it this way.



    Nope, spoke too soon, Empty Trash seems faster now, dozens per second. May be time of day or other factors affecting the speed.

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