Bulk Editing Not Working. Please Help

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    My clients blog has about 6258 SPAMMY trackbacks/pings and WP.com is not letting be bulk edit them to mark them as SPAM and delete them.

    it does however let me mark and delete them one at a time.

    Do you know of anything I can do to get the bulk editing working so I do not have to spend a weekend deleting trackbacks/pings 1 by 1?

    The blog I need help with is donsalyards.com.



    can you tell me how to just delete a post?? I have been searching and I can’t even find a “manage” on the dashboard? I need a post deleted right away and I am frustrated. Please help if you can.



    donsalyardswinona you could disable pingbacks and see if that drops them off the site.

    Lynchok, please use the search box on the Support documents http://support.wordpress.com/ and don’t hijack unrelated threads.


    Thank you for the suggestion Raincoaster but, in case you or anyone else wanted to know, disabling them did not drop them off.

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