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Bulk image upload and insert?

  1. I love that fact that I am able to upload images in bulk now. What would make life 100% easier is if I had the option to immediately insert all of them into the post I'm editing. I'm stuck going back to the button, selecting Media library, expanding the image menu, selecting my options. If you have 5 or 6 images in a post, it cna be tedious.

  2. It's called a Gallery, and you have several options available to you, including what size thumbnails to display. There are limitations.

  3. That would be great if I wanted to clump together a bunch of pictures, but what I really want to do is insert the pictures into the post and then intersperse my narrative between them. See for an illustration of what I mean.

  4. Then the Gallery feature is probably not a good option for you for a couple of reasons. The text between images would have to be your image's "Caption" and depending on the theme, this could get pretty messy. Also, the caption text is centered by default-no way to change it in a Gallery.

    Also to consider, should you use the Gallery feature, your image would be linked automatically to an Attachment page. At present, your images aren't linked to anything.

    Have a look at this page and you'll see the difference between images inserted via a Gallery (must be more than one image) and a single image inserted in the Post via the Media Library.

  5. The easiest way to do this is to use Windows Live Writer.

  6. @ismailimail-Oh good idea! I finally downloaded LW but am so used to writing directly in the Write Editor online that it didn't even cross my mind. Excellent.

    Other offline editors reviewed here

  7. I agree, once you get used to writing directly, you'd hardly use anything else. But I used to use WLW a lot for posting multiple pictures in one post; however, I'm liking the recent changes to the picture upload settings in wordpress, but I occasionally do go back to WLW.

  8. Here is a article I wrote about WLW
    Link-> windows live writer « Teck~Line

  9. friedrichfamily

    I agree with slwtf - is there no way to load all my pictures and then immediately insert them all full size? I prefer all of my pictures large, and then, like slwtf, I'd like to add my comments and write my post. I know WordPress changed for some reason (unbeknownst to me) but I seem to remember being able to insert all of my photos at once - without having to do the tiny thumbnail gallery. I would be happy with a gallery that displayed my photos so that they were larger. I've been working with the new design trying to give it a chance, but I'm still not loving it. I'm going to check out WLW, so I appreciate that help... I just wondered if the talented programmers/designers behind WordPress were going to change it so I could do a mass photo placement in my posts instead of having to make each one full size and then inserting each photo - one at a time. Thanks for any help/suggestions!

  10. First, you CAN have full-size images with a gallery. Instead of [gallery] you write [gallery columns="1" size="full"]

    Second, you CAN upload many separate (no gallery) images at once: you just have to have them all in one folder in your computer. Then, after you click "Add an Image" & "Choose files to Upload", you can select them all. What you cannot do for all of them at once is putting them in the post: you have to click "Show" for each one.

    And if you always (or mostly) want full-size images, go to Settings>Media and set default image size to full.

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