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    I perfectly well know that mass blog registration is considered spam but what shall be the frequency with which i create those so that their indexing does not delay or sth like that. Another question – what exactly represents the penetration for, say about hundred blogs registered at a time? Appreciate your help. ;)



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    sorry, meant “penalty”, not “penetration”



    The penalty would probably be that your account and all your blogs would be suspended. After all, no one person could possibly post to that many accounts.



    We will find them and probably suspend them if they break the Terms of Service.

    We check constantly, our software checks constantly, we read every single report and we suspend first, ask questions second.

    I did find all 96, all are suspended. They are not coming back.



    Did this person actually call themselves out on spamming? What the hell. I guess he didn’t want to blog.



    No, his question drew my attention, so I checked his blog and reported him. THEN Mark suspended him and all his other blogs.

    There’s a whole category of spam drama called LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME OOPS DON’T LOOK AT ME and this is an example of that.



    @raincoster: Well, with the inteligence of the spammers, I think it’s more like “Look at me, hey STOP THAT, but keep looking at me”, sheesh, they have got to find a more productive outlet for their time.



    Oh no, if they did that I’d have to get a new hobby!



    Well, all those blogs have unique content because i’ve actually been adding jokes for a month (the only thing that is repeated are the blog post titles which indicate the categoy of jokes, so they come up many times per page due to the fact that I post in the same joke category) . Everyone here knows that jokes cannot be uniquely rewritten, they are universal . However, I’d gently ask “mark” to review them as I am now still unaware what policy have i broken. So many hours of hard work …
    Want my account back,



    Hello! You aren’t getting your stable of blogs back. Mark is the head of wordpress.com support and he told you that here https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/bulk-wordpress-free-satellite-blogs-registration?replies=10#post-424534 Give it up and move on.

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