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Bullet Points Not Working

  1. First of all, sorry I've just realised I've put this under 'Ideas' rather than 'Support'.

    I've discovered that for some reason bullet points will not work on my blog.

    I can type up a post with bullet points like this:

    However, once published it appears like this:

    Can anybody help me? Is it something I'm doing, a problem with WordPress or something to do with the theme (Ambiru) that I'm using?

  2. I suspect it's the theme.

    I use bullets regularly with Andreas and don't have a problem.

    Try changing the theme (even temporarily) and see if they display.


  3. You're right, it does seem to be the theme. Oh, and thanks for the comments. ;)

  4. Although it's part of the theme I have a suggestion you may or may not find useful. You could try using a * (star) in the place where a bullet would have appeared.

  5. Thanks timetheif. That's be a pretty good solution actually as I still really like the theme. Cheers.

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