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Bulleted Lists Not Dislaying Consistently

  1. Anybody have any thoughts about the following?

    I'm using Michael Martine's Saphire template. One problem is that it doesn't put bullets in front of bulleted lists. So I added a bit of custom code. Just this:

    .entry ul li {

    My problem now is that the lists look good when you open a specific post (single spaced and displayed in the standard font, for example: But when posts are viewed on the home page itself they're formatted differently (double spaced with a smaller font size:

    Anybody know why this is happening or what I can do about it?

    Thanks very much!


  2. Because ul li cascades so it applies itself to ul li ul li as well. Hence double spacing. (In some browsers).

  3. But why the difference when you open the post in its own window? Isn't it using the same template?

  4. I'm working on the same problem - trying to restore bullets... my understanding is that for the interior pages of just the post, the content is using the .entrytext class, not .entry. You'll have to modify both.

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