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    I am using the Suburbia template. Why does the font of bulleted or numbered points change and how do I keep it from doing that? It’s very unattractive to have multiple fonts on a page, but the bullets are important to distinguish the content. Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is protegerescue.wordpress.com.



    I should add, examples of bullets and numbered points are at this page:

    Thanks again.


    If you look at this page on the demo for suburbia, and scroll down to lists, you will see that this is the way the theme is designed.

    You can change this on a list-by-list, basis by including a “style” declaration in the opening UL OL tag such as below:

    <ul style="font: 14px/22px Georgia,'Times New Roman',Times,serif;">

    Or, if you have the custom design upgrade, you can change it in the CSS so that the change is permanent.


    Oops, I forgot the link to the demo page: http://suburbiademo.wordpress.com/html-elements/ .



    Thanks thesacredpath! Tonight is my first time to check back in since I asked. I’m new to using WordPress and obviously didn’t explore the theme thoroughly enough. I will try the change you suggest.


    You are welcome, and welcome to WordPress.com.

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