Bullets display on IE 6 but not IE 7

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    I am using the Black Letterhead theme at http://www.esarsea.wordpress.com
    In my most recent post, “The Wife Gets Her BMW” I included a bulletted
    list of needed repairs. The bullets display just fine on my IE 6
    at work (a dinosaur running WIN98) but at home the page doesn’t display
    properly. At home (IE 7, WIN XP) each bulleted line displays only as an
    indented sentence, with no actual bullet displayed. The 1st line is
    indented a few spaces, and each subsequent line (respective to each
    paragraph or bulleted item) is indented one space further than the 1st.

    Any suggestions? Thanks a lot…



    Link to your blog please



    The URL contained in my post above displays as a link on my screen, and works when I click it…?



    Ups – sorry!
    Going a little fast there.
    had a look at your code, and I can find nothing wrong with it.
    In your css, though, it says ` Special stylized non-IE bullets
    Do not work in Internet Explorer, which merely default to normal bullets. */
    ..which is obviously not the case for IE7.

    I do not have IE at all and cannot check it, but when you mark the text, can you see bullets then? Are they gone totally, or are they simply default black?

    I am assuming you have not paid for the css upgrade?



    No problem, thanks for the reply.

    Correct, I have not upgraded. I just entered the world of blogging last week, and am still learning.

    I am not sure I understand what you mean when you ask about when I “Mark my text.” ??

    When I generated the post I just clicked on the task bar above the text box to use bullets, so the code for them was generated by whatever default code is generated by wordpress (I used the visual editor). They appear as desired in the text box when I generated the post (and still do now) and also display perfectly fine when I view the blog on my IE 6 at work.

    When I view the same page at home on IE 7 however, the bullets are not visible at all – and the items which are suposed to be bulletted do not have a uniform left margain either.



    Not entirely resolved as I have not solved the bullet issue per se, but I got rid of them and just indented my list without any grahpic or bullets. I’ll contonue to search for posts dealing with this topic. Thanks for the input.

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