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Bullets not displaying

  1. Hi everyone,

    Almost done the bolg but bullets are not showing up in the Contempt theme.

    Under 'The Research' those questions should have bullets.

    Any thoughts?


  2. The little circles are the "bullets" chosen by this theme designer and coded into the theme.

  3. I'm not even seeing little circles. I'm using IE 7. Timethief, you see the discs?

  4. Using firefox I see little circle icons where one would expect to see center filled dots.

    Edit: And, on my test blog I confirmed that these little circles are the way the theme treats bullets.

  5. So is there a way to get them working on IE? I just tried Firefox and I see the circles also. But anyway to get it working on IE?

  6. I'm sorry to say that there are known issues with IE6 and IE 7. The forum search box has several threads on this. My suggestion would be to remove the bullets and type in stars instead.

  7. I see filled in circles in IE6.

  8. Those little circles have been coded in the CSS using the psuedo class of *before*. That is a CSS 2.1 piece of CSS and is not supported in all browsers, specifically some variants of IE. It is a common feature of themes by that author including Kubrick.

  9. I am having the same problem on my blog. When I used IE 6, I could see the bullets. Since I upgraded to IE 7, I haven't been able to see them. Is this a known problem that will be fixed soon?

    Firefox is not an option - My readers are in law firms - Microsoft shops.

  10. Please read the post immediately above your own as the answer is there.

  11. To elaborate a bit I'd say this is a known issue. The likelihood of the theme being updated and displaying bullets in all browsers is low but you could request this if you wish. Support hours are 8AM - 4PM Monday-Friday and you can use the "support" button on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page to send in your request.
    Happy blogging :)

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