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bullets on the monotone theme

  1. Curious if anyone knows whether the new monotone theme doesn't display bullets.

    On this post, for example, the first three lines of text are bulleted, except that the bullets don't show up on the live/published page, but they do show up in the HTML or Visual text edit field. I'm wondering if this is just a theme thing .. since they worked fine in the theme I used before I switched to monotone.

  2. If bullets were showing up in the other theme you were using before you switched, then yes, it's probably a theme thing. Monotone has a pretty rigid structure.

  3. that's what I was afraid of. oh well .. I'll submit a request since I do like using them.

    thanks ..

  4. Bullets don't show; I tried them in my very first post and ended up stripping them out and using hyphens.

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