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    I’m working on a post with a list of numbered bullets, but the system keeps screwing up the numbering. When I add a non-bullet paragraph between bullets, the bullets beneath that paragraph start over at number 1. I want the list to continue. In MS Word, you use the “restart numbering” feature, but I can’t find anything like that here.

    (What’s really weird is that sometimes when I copy from an MS Word doc to WordPress, the numbering stays correct: the list continues after a break. But sometimes it doesn’t, and I have no idea why. Anyway, that doesn’t need to be solved if I can figure out how to restart numbering.)

    I don’t know ANY html, so if that’s the answer, it needs to be simple! :-)


    The blog I need help with is pintsofhistory.com.


    What you have to do is to modify the “ol” beginning tag and specify the start number for that set. If you stop and put in another paragraph, you again have to specify the start number for that set as well. You have to make this modification to the code in the HTML tab after you have started the list (changing the value of 9 between the quote marks to your desired starting number).

    <ol start="9">



    Richard (?), that worked like a charm! (Now I’m officially an html programmer.) Thank you!



    David, you are welcome.



    Right on. This fixed my problem too.

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