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bundles of upgrades

  1. I want to buy a No Ads and CUstom Design upgrade - is this available as part of a bundle? I can't see a Bundle option on the Store page. Please advise.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    I went to the support documentation here > and I typed "bundle" into the searchbox for you. Here is the result

    Then I typed in "upgrades" and found these for you:

    If you have any further questions about your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to contact Staff for clarity.

  3. well yes, these are the pages I was looking at! My point is, HOW do I buy a bundle - rather than buying the 2 upgrades I want separately?

  4. To begin, you can buy a bundle via your Store page. Once the payment is processed, all product upgrades in the bundle will happen immediately, unless the bundle contains a Domain Registration upgrade. In this case you will receive a bundle domain credit which allows you to register and map a domain for free.

    The bundle subscription will be listed under the My Subscriptions module on the Store page. From here you can see the product upgrades included as part of the bundle and the expiry date for the bundle subscription.

    If you have any further difficulties please contact Staff for clarity.

  5. I'm having the same problem ~ I want to buy a bundle, but no bundles are available in the store.

  6. Yes - I cannot see the My Subscriptions module on the Store page - where is it????

  7. Have you considered the possibility that these two upgrades are not available as a bundle, but must be purchased separately?

    There's only one bundle of which I'm aware, which is the Pro upgrade, which includes both these upgrades.

  8. Whether they were available as a bundle or not, it is still not obvious where the My Subscriptions module is on the store page?

    Where can I find the Pro upgrade??

  9. If you don't have any paid upgrades yet, I don't think you will have the My Subscriptions anywhere, because you don't have any yet.

    Usually the Pro Upgrade is in a banner at the very top of your dashboard. It's also on the main Store page, called the WordPress Value Bundle.

  10. I do have a premium theme...

    I'm sorry, but on my store page there is no WordPress Value Bundle!

    Can you help???? Shouldn't this stuff be entirely obvious???

  11. If you already have a premium theme, then you don't need the bundle: it'd just be paying twice for that. Just get the No Ads and Custom Design upgrades separately. You've already paid for your theme, though, so be absolutely SURE you want to tinker with it before buying the upgrade. Your CSS skills had best be up to par, because there's no official support for it, and you're more or less on your own with the editing.

  12. Thank you for explaining. None of this is very obvious is it?!

    So I can't get help with editing if I buy an upgrade? I want to change the fonts and hide the tags at the end of my posts - other than that I have no idea how I'll use it and don't know anything about CSS.

  13. You can't get free, consistent, detailed help if you buy the upgrade. There are two volunteers who answer CSS questions, and that's it.

    Always learn CSS first, and try out your edits using the free Preview feature, before buying the upgrade. I've seen people do some bad, bad stuff to their blogs. One guy moved all the content right off the monitor!

  14. For me, the upgrades (Video, custom design and no ads) will cost more than the bundle. Am I correct to assume that the bundle is no longer visible in my store because I did get the domain mapping ($17) and privacy ($8)? In other words, if one doesn't buy the Value bundle right away, one misses out on the opportunity forever?

  15. It would seem so, but if you use the Help button to contact staff directly, they might do something for you. No guarantees, though.

  16. Thanks for your help - I will do that. :-)

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