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Bunny Waffles

  1. theinsanityaquarium

    Ladies and jellyspoons, may I present unto thee...
    Bunny Waffles!

    Bunnies, waffles and general craziness, from the girl who wears the cat shoes, and brought you The Insanity Aquarium.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Let me put this in a professional manner:

    I have no idea what the main idea of your poetry is about or what your blog's theme is exactly.

    Bunnies and Waffles? I mean you can do your blog about whatever you choose. However, why would I want to read about bunnies & waffles? The poetry did not make logical sense. I love poetry, but "not condoning the eating of bunnies" seems a little childlike.

    I have a feeling you have more writing capablilities than you are expressing in your posts. it felt as though, there was something you really wanted to write, but you could not, for whatever reason.

    Loved your theme!

    Keep going, I just feel like there is something deeper you are wanting to write!

    Welcome to WP!


  3. theinsanityaquarium

    lizfruitberry, I replied to your comment on my post but thought there was no harm of doing the same here :)

    The Bunny Waffles blog is just for silly little pictures of rabbits and homeless men, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. It makes a nice change to my main blog The Insanity Aquarium which is where I post my more serious stuff on a weekly basis, and have done for just under a year.

    I shall defend my terrible poetry to the death, my dear! It might be 'childlike', but it amuses me. And no-one's forcing you to read it. Sometimes it's nicer not to reach so deep.

  4. Let me also put this in a professional manner -
    I like Bunny Waffles poetry; it's 'Unconventional' and 'Unusual' :)

  5. theinsanityaquarium

    Thank you dovesgold! You are more than welcome into my strange Bunny Waffles world anytime :D

  6. Thanks I love the idea of children-eating squirrels, you have a great sense of humour :D

  7. This is so funny and original. I like bunnies. I love waffles. You blend the two exceptionally well!

    Jolly good show!

  8. I like your blog. Quirky poetry is always worth my time.

  9. Let me put this in an unprofessional manner.


  10. theinsanityaquarium

    The Fridge

    Another well sick post, innit.

  11. theinsanityaquarium


    Come and rummage under my bed with me, you might find a sezy Jesus.

  12. theinsanityaquarium

    ... or a 'sexy' one even. I blame the lack of Fabs.

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