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    Hello. Is it possible to have a variation of the Bushwick theme with the header really on top of the blog instead of aside? Bushwick is a great idea, but it’d be better to have also a version with the header on top, so we can focus on the post text as a central column.

    The blog I need help with is alvarosialercuevas.wordpress.com.


    That’s probably not a theme option that will be added to the Bushwick theme.

    You may be able to customize Bushwick using CSS, but I do think it might take a bit of work. Here’s some information about the Custom Design upgrade and custom CSS if that idea interests you though:

    Aside from that, there are probably many different themes to choose from that have the column layout setup how you want already. May I ask what you really liked most about Bushwick besides the left side image? Maybe there’s another theme that would work out well without having to modify Bushwick.


    Thank you for your answer, I’ll check those links. About your question, what I liked the most about Bushwick were the fonts, their size, the white background and the hidden widgets: all of that keep the blog clean and elegant. But since I prefer the text displayed as a central column, I quit the theme. I still think it would be a great theme a variation of Bushwick with a header image.


    Thanks for the feedback! I see you’ve switched to the Hexa theme for now. Your header image looks nice there. :)


    Thank you! It’s good that Hexa template: modern, clean and very customizable. I didn’t like the short height of the header, but I’ve begun to appreciate it. Keep the good work, and try learning Spanish in your “free time” if you can.


    Ha! Free timeā€¦ :)

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