Bushwick theme – "tabs" appear in different places on the screen

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    I was wondering why do the “tabs” (or names of pages) on my website appear on different sides of the screen – the “main” tab is on the right, where the picture is and the other ones are on the left, where the white text screen is. I would like them all to be on the right, on the picture side of the page – how can that be done?

    I was also wondering if and how can I change the font and size for the text of the titles and the text.

    Thank you very much, Asya

    The blog I need help with is asyagindintherapy.com.



    I am assuming it has something to do with the RTL settings, but not sure how to address it.. :-)
    Thank you for your help!


    Hi Asya!

    Regarding the menu items, the Bushwick theme automatically includes a “Home” link that sits on the same side as the sidebar column. The custom menu, however, appears in the white space as you mentioned. This is the intended look of the theme as shown in the demo here:


    However, if you create a custom menu, the theme will remove the Home link on the left-hand side. Instead, your custom menu will be reflected in the white space, which I believe is what you’re looking for. Can you try creating a custom menu following the instructions here?


    If you would still like to have a “Home” link that directs users to your home page, you can add one as a custom link:


    I was also wondering if and how can I change the font and size for the text of the titles and the text.

    In order to do that, you’ll need to purchase the Custom Design upgrade as explained here:


    Please let me know if you need anything else!



    Hello jeremeylduvall and thank you very much for your helpful reply.
    Yes, I would like to have all the links on one side, but ideally I would like them to be on the picture side.
    However, if this is not possible (is it?), I will try moving the home link to the left side, which would also be better than now.
    If it is possible to move them to the right, I would love to know.

    Also, I have been looking into options of creating the website in multiple languages (not translating the text, but adding a different text and potentially even different tabs (though that is not mandatory) in each language.
    I read several threads on that topic and was wondering which of the possible ways do you recommend and whether it is possible to have the site in three languages, or just in two?

    Thank you very much again,


    Hi Asya,

    Positioning the menu on the right-hand side of the screen is definitely possible. However, it will require the use of CSS, which requires the Custom Design upgrade shown here:


    Here’s a demo of what the site would look like with the menu on the right-hand side:

    Screen Shot 2014 07 07 at 8 32 29 AM

    Let me know if that’s something you would like to upgrade for!

    As for the multilingual blog, we have several options for that, which can be found here:


    It’s definitely possible to setup three languages! It just requires a few extra steps. Check out the link above and let me know what option you’re thinking about!



    Thank you very much for your help and sorry for my belated response.
    I decided to switch to another theme, so I will not be modifying anything on the Bushwick theme.. :-)


    Not a problem! Please let me know if you need any help with your new theme.



    Hi, Jeremy, Happiness Engineer — I’m hoping to engineer good events that will improve health (mental and physical) worldwide. My Bushwick theme experience began three days ago. It was great but today the look and feel on the I.Explorer browser changed from what it looked like yesterday. It still looks good on Google Chrome and Firefox.
    Here it is: http://wisdomdaydc2015.wordpress.com

    Today on I.E. it appears as a single column, and the photograph on the left side is huge rather than sharing two columns. Maybe your version of I.E. looks okay to you but on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 it also shows nothing but the photo and a single column without the menu appearing at all.

    It has been sort of like a treasure hunt for me, keeping me alert and using my brain effectively. However… I am preparing to contact again the CEOs of companies who were prepared to sponsor me last year… I think I’ll need to switch to another WP Theme if I can’t get this quickly under control. Anyone who sees the photo without menu on first glance likely would write me off as not knowing how to be Master of My Own Domain…

    Help. I’m accepting that I’m not master of this domain but it felt great to work out the original look yesterday.

    What happened?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance. It likely is largely a Microsoft I.E. browser-caused situation. (Face-saving is important for us all.)

    Ralph in DC


    Hi Ralph,

    Are you referring to the mobile view in your post or a mix between the desktop view and the mobile view? On mobile devices, you should see the following:

    IMG 1814

    This is the responsive design of the theme kicking into action. The menu is hidden behind the “hamburger” icon (three horizontal lines). Clicking that should open up your menu items. Can you give that a try? When the screen size dips below a certain height and width, the theme will readjust to this single-column layout to optimize your site from mobile reading.

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