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"busiest day"

  1. vsptruthteller

    I've seen this question asked often (I searched the forums), but it's never been answered, just guessed.

    I had a day recently that was considered my "busiest day"..... and now that stat is saying another day was busiest, even though it was much less. And the graph is still showing the other day as highest.

    What's going on?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm having the same problem.

  3. You need to contact staff directly on this since the volunteers here in the forums cannot answer that.

  4. andersonshatch

    Same problem with me too.

  5. See my post right above yours.

  6. Same problem here too.

  7. Contact staff.

  8. Got the same problem.
    (My "busiest day" used to be 784, and they now name last Friday's, a 273 day ... grrrr!)
    I hope that it will be repaired automatically on Monday, when wordpress support is back.

  9. Thanks, all, I didn't even notice that my "busiest day" has been changed to last Friday also.

    That wasn't even my busiest day last week and not even close to my really busiest day that was sometime last August. Even if this glitch gets fixed promptly, how do we know that the rest of the stats are credible?

    I'll check back tomorrow to see if it's fixed before contacting Support.

  10. Hi guys - just to say we're looking into this.

  11. andersonhatch, jtur001, theo48, buyathread: I have reset your "busiest day" counters. Sorry about this!

  12. No problem! All back to normal thanks!

  13. Can you reset mine as well? I got an email that the problem's been sorted but my stats are still wrong. blog is:

  14. @ Andy, my stats' page still shows yesterday as my "busiest day," and that's wrong, so whatever the problem is, isn't fixed yet. TIA

  15. please can you fix mine aswell

  16. Same here, I received the email that said the problem has been sorted out, but my stats are still wrong, please fix mine, thanks.

  17. Yes, please reset mine as well. Thank you in advance.

  18. andersonshatch

    Thanks for correcting this issue :)

  19. how come they havent all been fixed?

  20. Got email saying reset and stats are still not reset!

  21. wendyusuallywanders

    I have a question about busiest days. Mine says Busiest day: 7,819. I happened to post some news before it was public and search engines sent people to my blog. Do places like Google immediately keep track of what we have posted? When a search engine scans my blog, is it included in the visitor count? How can we tell WHO has been visiting our blog? I just read a blog post about lots of hits from Homeland Security and it freaked them out. Thanks :-)

  22. Same problem here.

  23. Same here.

  24. c'mon wordpress, please fix this!

  25. wendyusuallywanders

    Sigh....we have been forgotten and abandoned...

  26. I think that problem has been fixed for me. But now I have a problem with most active. I can only assume that they're testing new functions and the problem is merely temporary. It will be fixed soon, right guys?

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