Business Plan: An additional private testing blog with full business features

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    So from the outside (a non business user), I ask myself how I can test business features in a non-production environment. Uploading your own custom themes and plugins is a new feature for business users, however, how well one can run a WordPress Plugin that runs well on, here on is questionble.

    So as a developer of one’s own plugins and themes, or as a consumer of someone else’s plugins and themes, one would ideally not want to have to buy two business plans, just to have a testing environment that is not public.

    I’d suggest marketing as a feature the follow:
    The ability to have a secondary private testing blog that you can test same plan features on, to setup, develop, etc. You could have automated and reserved suffixes added to blogs for this (ex: could have a reserved private testing environment called

    I think you’ll instantly see sales increase for so many reasons, but more importantly, it will be because developers and web designers will have more confidence in choosing and building with WordPress when pre-surveying their options via comparing premium plans.


    Alternatively, you could possibly sell developer plans, potentially with different tiers limiting the different amounts of private sandbox testing environments one might have. This environment would be private, but for testing.

    This could inspire team projects, and maybe have free plans for public projects, and paid for private projects?

    You could include x private sandbox environments for different WordPress plans? Premium has 1 private test environment, business has 10/unlimited?

    All ideas, but I’d just like to see ways to test plugins and themes here better as a developer.


    I really think having unlimited private testing environments for business plans would give every WordPress developer a reason to have a business plan, and reason and faith to bring their plugins and themes over here.

    Sorry for the third post here, don’t see an edit button on my phone lol.

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