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Business upgrade and premium themes

  1. If I chose business upgrade can I apply a different premium theme to the several blogs under my account? And can I change it to a different theme anytime at no extra cost?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Each upgrade is PER BLOG per year. Buying one premium theme doesn't mean you've bought any of the others.

  3. The $299 Business Package mention 'unlimited Premium themes', but I'm not exactly sure what they mean since Premium themes have different prices.

  4. What ever it means, it would only apply to one site though.

  5. Yes, on the Business level, you can use any Premium theme -- on one blog -- for free as part of your subscription and you can swap Premium themes at will without extra cost.

    Once you upgrade, all the prices for the Premium themes disappears but the orange Premium button remains.

    Here's my review of the Business bundle:

  6. Huh. That is interesting. Seems foolish to dump people into the forum for questions about that.

  7. You really shouldn't have to come to the forums to get help because you can do it all through prioritized email or through live chat with staff in your Admin area between 9 am and 5 pm M-F.

    I asked a couple of theme-related questions in the premium theme forum to help others who might be experiencing the same thing. Non-emergency stuff for the public good. SMILE!

  8. P.S. -- I guess you'd come here to ask about the Business bundle if you didn't have it or you wanted answers before upgrading.

  9. Thank you all for your tips. I thought the post was only pointing to the customer service! You all have been helpful.

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